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Learning a new language is not easy. That’s why our teachers are here for you!


Engaging with your classmates is a big part of what makes EFI Online unique. Join a community of learners gathered from around the planet!

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Our mission is to create a vibrant global community by inspiring students to renew their minds, transform their lives, and advance their futures.

English for Internationals offers adult Online English Courses to everyone!


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(Student Visa F1)



English for Internationals is accredited and is authorized under Federal law to enroll non-immigrant students.

English for Internationals is accredited and is authorized under Federal law to enroll non-immigrant students.The mission of English for Internationals is to provide English as a second language instruction for international adults in a high-quality and ethical manner.

Classes are interesting and interactive. Our instructors bring years of teaching experience into the classroom along with a passion for helping students excel and develop their English language skills. Students practice Grammar, Reading, Writing and Listening and Speaking. Learning and applying the skills that are taught in classes has a very positive impact on our student’s lives.

  • Besides the incredible atmosphere, another amazing feature of this school is the amazing teachers and staff. Each one of them has some unique teaching strategies that work amazingly for the students and help us improve in the language even faster.
  • I have many favorite things about English for Internationals such as the wonderful staff members, the very friendly teachers and all the perfect classmates. I have studied with a lot of teachers since I came here and all of them are friendly, helpful and successful.
  • My favorite thing about English for Internationals is the environment and their dedication to making their students feel comfortable and able to learn English in the best way.
  • English for Internationals has become my second home. The teachers and staff are marvelous human beings, who have showed me a sincere smile and supported me during my culture adaptation into the United States.
    El Salvador
  • I did not just learn a lot about a language, I also broadened my horizon. For me, there was no better place to study English as a Second Language than at English for Internationals.

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