Transfer to Our English School | English for Internationals

Transferring to English for Internationals from another school is easy and FREE! Simply follow these steps!

Complete the I Need an I-20 Form

Contact the PDSO, Karen Hills at then complete the Transfer Form and the Certificate of Eligibility.

Give the Transfer Form to the Student Director at your current school.
The Student Director at your current school will complete the Transfer Form and email or fax it to English for Internationals.
Email: Karen Hills, PDSO –

Fax: 770-587-0427

Take the Online English Placement Test.
The test takes about an hour and cost $25.
The skills covered in the test are: Listening, Grammar, Vocabulary and Reading.
We will send you an email within 24 hours with your Level.
Click here to schedule your test.
Complete your registration, pay your tuition and purchase your text books.