Classroom Rules - English for Internationals

Classroom Rules

1. Be in Class 1

If you aren’t here, it affects your learning and the learning of your classmates. If you MUST be absent, YOU are responsible for the information and work that you missed, not your teacher.

2. Be on Time 2

Reminder: If you are more than 15 minutes late (or leave more than 15 minutes early), you are counted ABSENT for that class. Your teacher will not re-teach what you miss.

3. English Only During Class 3

You can’t improve your English if you don’t speak English. Your teacher will ask you to stop speaking your native language, and they may ask you to leave if you continue.

4. You MUST Have a Book 4

If you do not have a book after the first week of class, you are still responsible for your homework, classwork and studying. You MAY NOT ask your teacher to make copies for you, and you MAY NOT use a school copier to copy another student’s book.

5. You MUST Participate 3

Your teachers create activities to help you learn. If you sleep in class, talk when the teacher is talking, use your cellphone, or refuse to participate, you may be asked to leave.

6. No Cell Phones During Class 3

Cell phones must be out of sight during class time. If you use your cell phone when you shouldn’t, you will be asked to put it in the cell phone box. If you refuse, you will be asked to leave.


Make-up and Late Work P&P


Arriving Late or Departing Early P&P


Disruptive Student P&P


Student Textbook Purchasing and Copies P&P