Frequently Asked Questions - English for Internationals

Frequently Asked Questions

Students are encouraged to enroll before classes begin. However, students are allowed to begin during Week 1 or 2. Students can register and begin in Week 3 and they will pay a prorated amount.

Students who begin during Week 1 or 2 pay the full amount.

Our students are at least 18 years old. However, someone under 18 can study at English for Internationals with the approval of one of the Directors.

Yes. A student can change their class schedule during the first week. If a situation occurs that requires a change in schedule later in the term, the student must have approval from one of the Directors.

Yes. Students may pay one half in the beginning and one half one month later if you pay with a credit/debit card or personal check. Students must also complete the Registration and Tuition Form.

Yes. English for Internationals does have a late fee. You will receive information about this during Registration.

Yes. Students are able to make payments over the phone during regular office hours.

EFI’s Refund Policy is included in our registration materials. It is available in multiple languages.

Student Cancels Prior to Start Date: If a student cancels prior to the first day of class, EFI will refund all tuition paid but not the non-refundable fees.

Student Withdraws After Start Date: If a student withdraws within the first four weeks of a term, EFI will refund the prorated tuition but not the non-refundable fees. After week four, EFI will retain all of the tuition paid for the current term.

Student No Shows: If a student has paid but does not come to class, EFI will refund all tuition paid but not the non-refundable fees.
Student Visa Application Rejected: If a prospective student’s student visa application is rejected by a US Embassy Agent, a full refund of all tuition will be made but not the non-refundable fees.

EFI Cancels a Class: If EFI cancels a class after a student has paid tuition, EFI will refund all monies, including non-refundable fees and a full refund for books will be given.

Terminated Students: EFI is not obligated to make a refund to a student who is terminated due to violation of EFI’s attendance policy or local, state, or federal law.

Testing Fees & Excursions: No refund is given for testing fees or excursions.

Students must finish the term with at least an 80% in attendance to successfully advance to the next level. A student is considered tardy if he/she arrives within ten minutes of the class start time. Three tardy events equal 1 absence and leaving the class early results in 1 tardy. If a student is absent for more than three consecutive days the student or the student’s sponsor may be contacted.

In the event that the class cannot be covered or combined, it is cancelled. The students are notified in-person and/or via text. The class will not be made up and we do not give refunds for individual cancelled classes due to an emergency instructor no-show after the term has begun.We do everything we can to ensure that there is an instructor in every class, but sometimes there are emergencies we cannot predict. Your instructor will be sure that you are taught all the information you are supposed to be.

Yes. English for Internationals has a Disruptive Student Policy and each new student will receive a copy during registration.

A = 100 – 95%
B = 94 – 90%
C = 89 – 85%
D = 84 – 80%

Yes. English for Internationals is happy to provide the Form I-20 for you to apply for a change of status. Please contact us for more information.

Yes. Upon receiving a change of status approval, a student must attend one full-time term before the student is eligible to transfer.

An F1 student is eligible for an annual vacation after studying for 8 consecutive months. The student must be eligible and intend to register to study the term following the annual vacation.

Yes. Students are informed about school closings through several outlets including our website, EFI Facebook page and local TV channels and their websites.

Students must have their Transfer Form and Acceptance Letter from the new school to the EFI office no later than the Friday (Week 7) before the end of the term.