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Your future is built on the decisions you make today! We are ESL experts who can guide you to a path to success. Our class equips students like you with the confidence, enthusiasm, and knowledge that will lead you to success while taking the SAT. This is the first step toward reaching your goals!

Live Online SAT Prep Course

Can be taken from anywhere!

Taking the SAT is the first step to a bright and successful future. With the right preparation, you can reach your goal of achieving your highest score on the SAT. We offer an online SAT prep course that will teach you the material, strategies, and mindset needed to do your best on the exam. Our class, which is led by highly qualified instructors, is especially beneficial for those who have taken ESL classes in high school. We are passionate about student success and will do our part in guiding you to a great SAT score.

Get the preparation and confidence you need to get your highest SAT score!

  • Live Online Instructors
  • ESL Friendly
  • Affordable Tuition
  • Convenient Class Schedule
  • Practice Tests Included

What Makes Our SAT Prep Course Different?

Prep for a Better Future

EFI’s SAT prep class is an affordable and effective option for students who want to earn their highest possible score on the exam. Our high-quality course is led by experienced instructors with teaching degrees who care about each student’s success. In our course, the material is easy to learn, especially for those whose first language is not English. EFI’s online course includes a convenient schedule and has the same advantages as an in-person classroom—including a helpful and supportive community.

An SAT Prep Course That Sets You Up for Success

Ready to take the SAT in 2021? Our SAT prep course includes 18 hours of live instruction from our expert teachers. Though online, this includes custom-tailored help such as live chat support. In this course, you will have access to resources, including SAT practice tests, an informative YouTube instruction playlist, and interactive practice opportunities. Through our math, reading, and writing SAT review and prep curriculum, this course will teach you the tools needed to earn the excellent SAT results you want.

Course Features:

  • 18 hours of live instruction
  • Digital textbook included
  • 2 live expert instructors (1 teacher and 1 group chat support)
  • SAT practice tests
  • YouTube instruction playlist
  • Interactive practice
  • Tips to raise your SAT score

Raise Your SAT Score

We understand how important this test is for your future. With our passion and expertise, English for Internationals will provide you with the resources and information you need to get you ready for the SAT. We want you to achieve the highest score you can on this test—that’s why we designed this course for the best results and with COVID-19 safety and limitations in mind.
With over 25 years’ experience, English for Internationals is a school dedicated to helping students reach their potential and goals. We are motivated by our values and integrity that push us to offer the best learning opportunities possible. EFI’s courses are designed to make a difference in our students’ future. Our online community is engaging, helpful, and encouraging, so come see what a difference our SAT prep course will make in your test performance!

What to Know About the SAT

The SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) is a multiple-choice exam that tests students on three main topics: math, reading, and writing. The exam is a standard assessment accepted by most U.S. colleges and universities and for admissions. There is no passing or failing score on the SAT; however, the higher you score, the higher your chances are of being admitted into a school. Each school has different requirements. Generally speaking, a good score is typically around 1200 to 1400. The minimum score is 400, and the maximum score is 1600.

A Schedule Convenient for You

As a part of our commitment to your success, we’ve set up our online SAT prep courses to feature accessible schedules. We offer both two days per week options or one day per week options. If you are planning on taking the SAT on May 8, 2021, our first session of prep classes will align with that timeline. The following sessions are great options to prepare you for all future SAT dates.
All our SAT prep courses are online for COVID-19 safety and your convenience. This is a course you can take from anywhere!

Tuition FAQ

How much does the SAT prep course cost?

English for International’s online SAT prep course costs $450. This price includes a digital textbook.
This price is lower than other classes you may come across, but we offer the same quality with the unique ability to help students whose first language is not English. Teaching international students for nearly three decades, our school is led by qualified and experienced teachers who are passionate about student success.

Is there an early bird discount?

Yes! If you register early, you get a 5% discount, which makes the course cost only $427.50.

Can I pay for tuition in installments?

Yes. You can split your payments in half.

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